Meet the Coachfluence business coach

Coachfluence works with a network of professional business coaches that are experienced to help you achieve your objectives

Debbie Lau Tam

Performance impact coach with the philosophy that 'Emotions drive people and people drive performance‘ by Six Seconds

Debbie blends her business experience into her coaching, to facilitate growth of people in organizations, whilst optimizing business performance.

Debbie has the ability to help clients reshape the complexity they are experiencing, to navigate them through their challenges and emerge as a resilient and agile leader of self and of others.

She is a qualified Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence Coach. She uses group dynamics, systems thinking and emotional intelligence (embedded with neuroscience) as her methodologies. Member: ICF -In progress PCC Accreditation, COMENSA.

Debbie Lau Tam

Neshica Bheem

Experienced coach for Managers and Experienced employees

A TRUSTED BUSINESS COACH, BUSINESS PARTNER AND MOTIVATIONAL EXECUTIVE who is skilled in connecting with people to guide them in rising to meet their potential.

AN EXPERIENCED EXECUTIVE MANAGER who is approachable, focused on goal oriented coaching and results, enabler for self discovery and learning with her clients.

PASSIONATE ABOUT PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT and creating the correct environment for sustained growth in her employees and clients, using reflection, introspection and perspective, to deliver results and change.

Neshica Bheem

Aviva Baran-Rothschild

Unlock your untapped resources, enabling you to optimise your energy and productivity

Aviva brings 32 years in people development, having coached across multiple industries and sectors, with coaching experience in 13 countries. She is a qualified counsellor, therapist and business coach; her highest qualification being a Masters in Coaching and Behavioural Change.

Clients say that she has high integrity, wisdom and creativity, that she offers thought provoking questions and thoughtfully balances a deeply supportive approach, with a boldness to be courageously challenging!

She will collaborate with you as your thinking partner, enabling you to optimize your energy, leverage your strengths and step into new levels of success.

Aviva Baran-Rothschild

Carole Watkins

Co-creating profound shifts that unleash potential and turn awareness into action

Carole is a professional business coach who partners with her clients to co-create the profound shifts that unleash potential and turn awareness into action.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School UK and has wide ranging experience in diverse industries.

An insightful thinking partner with unwavering commitment to unlocking human excellence, Carole facilitates collaborative, solution-focused coaching journeys that enhance development in personal and professional spheres.

Carole Watkins