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Personal Business Coach

As individuals, we often fail to recognise the point at which we need a career coach or business coach to take us to the next level of performance. You should consider engaging a coach if you are undergoing any of the following:

  • a career transition; 

  • career inertia – feeling stuck;

  • an increasing desire to make an impact;

  • burnout, and developing resilience;

  • a search for greater purpose in your career.


Coachfluence offers tailored programmes, delivered by a professional business coach, to individuals seeking growth and next-level performance in their work. The programmes are suitable for recently-employed graduates, experienced employees, managers, and executives.

Our three personal coaching programmes bring you the benefits of a wealth of expertise. We use the latest coaching techniques, delivered via high-end technology platforms. Together we can immerse ourselves in the particulars of your case, reflect, and drive powerful changes.

Here are some brief details of each of the programmes.

The Ignite programme

Our Ignite programmes are accelerated, high-impact coaching interventions. They are designed to help professionals who are looking for quick results. The tailored programmes are carried out over a four-week period, with a check-in every quarter thereafter for up to a year.

The Ignite programme is intended for clients seeking a quick response to the most pressing issues they face. It is for clients who want to achieve rapid improvement in specific, well-defined areas.

The Excelsior programme


Our Excelsior programmes are intensive, high-impact coaching interventions. Compared to the Ignite programme, the Excelsior deals more with training and with insights gained from assessments, steering the client towards higher value. The programme’s duration is 16 weeks, with a check-in every quarter thereafter for up to a year.


The Excelsior is suitable for professionals seeking a comprehensive programme to address their most pressing issues. These clients want to apply a full team approach to the achievement of goals.


The Journey to Me! programme


The Journey to Me! programme is designed to unleash that powerful tool that we all have at our disposal – the mind – to help clients keep up with the demands of an increasingly complex world.
Just like our bodies, our minds need training if they are to function at their best. Training is necessary if we want to perform at our peak, improve the quality of our lives, be healthier, happier, and more focused. 

Work with a business coach to realise your potential. Learn about tools and techniques to improve your quality of life with certainty, clarity, and passion.


Journey to Me! is a six-week personal transition programme to gain clarity and purpose.

Corporate Business Coach


Coachfluence delivers focused business coaching interventions to drive organisation growth and to improve performance. We help organisations to fulfil their potential with tailored programmes that will motivate teams and individuals.

Our approach links purpose, strategy, and a high-performance culture. Contact us for a discussion on your next-level performance agenda. We work with corporations, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. We help you to unleash the human performance within your teams to deliver growth.


Leadership coaching

Executives and leaders must take the time to reflect on their purpose and effectiveness, and their impact as leaders. This is to enhance self-confidence and belief in delivering leadership. 
You should consider engaging a coach if you are undergoing any of the following:

  • a career transition; 

  • career inertia – feeling stuck;

  • an increasing desire to make an impact;

  • burnout, and developing resilience;

  • a search for greater purpose in your career.


Coachfluence offers leadership coaching programmes, delivered by a professional business coach, to executives seeking growth and next-level performance. These business coach programmes bring you the benefits of a wealth of expertise. We use the latest coaching techniques, delivered via high-end technology platforms. Together we can immerse ourselves in the particulars of your case, reflect, and drive powerful changes.

We offer programmes designed for leaders and their individual circumstances, so that we can be sure to address specific objectives.  Our approach to coaching employs proven Internation Coach Federation (ICF) processes, and makes considered use of technology, using leading coaching cloud platforms. We create a thorough and consistent programme for the client.


Executive immersion

For corporate executives looking for a short programme to achieve clarity of purpose, and their mission and priorities, we offer the Coachfluence Meditor process. (Meditor is a Latin verb that can be translated as “to reflect upon”.)

Our guided Meditor process is a full-day immersive experience to help you, as a leader, to reflect on the current state of your business, in an environment away from your places of work. It affords you the opportunity to pause, reflect, and re-engage with the business. It has been proven to be very effective in helping leaders to reframe intentions, actions, and strategy.



Team performance coaching

Getting a leadership team fully agreed on the plan and the strategy is not always the easiest of tasks. With our experience in team coaching, we will bring the team into sync with your strategy and intentions as a leader, using a facilitated workshop session. The outcomes of this are a delivery plan with agreement on the company’s core strategy, along with clarity of purpose and defined responsibilities as to who will deliver what. (We use the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) approach.)

We offer tailor-made team coaching programmes that deliver results within days. 


Business performance coaching (sales, operations, and customer service) 

Our performance coaching services concentrate on your sales, operations, and customer service environments. 

Sales organisations and sales departments face some tough problems. The toughest of them include: 


  • meeting performance targets;

  • motivating and energising the workforce;

  • changing workforce behaviour;

  • poor customer service, and the acquisition of new customers;

  • compliance with business procedures;

  • differentiating on customer experience.


Through performance coaching, we address:

  • motivating and re-energising teams;

  • introducing process excellence;

  • reinforcing good behaviour and eradicating bad habits;

  • driving team cohesion; 

  • getting results.


In our business performance coaching we introduce behavioural science, together with coaching and technology, to deliver hard results. Coachfluence has partnered with worxogo, a leading start-up from India, to bring together aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) and neuroeconomics to improve throughput and optimise employee behaviour.

worxogo (with a lower case ‘w’) helps its partners to build high-performing sales and customer support teams, combining AI and neuroeconomics with a first-of-its-kind digital behaviour coach to significantly increase sales teams’ productivity.  worxogo partners with the likes of Accenture, and is a Microsoft and a Capgemini scale-up partner. Its offerings have been deployed in over 40 companies in the financial services, pharma and life sciences, business process outsourcing, and automotive sectors, among others.

worxogo’s AI-powered sales coach delivers personalised nudges to sales reps to encourage high-impact sales behaviour, leading to higher sales and better productivity. The self-learning AI engine, with its proprietary deep-learning algorithms, understands individual motivations and provides personalised coaching tips, appropriate challenges and rewards to nudge sales reps, agents, and managers to do better. It integrates with existing customer relationship management systems (CRMs) and requires no additional inputs.

Outsourced coaching programmes

With our cohort of business coaches we can design, build, and run coaching programmes for clients who seek this service. Our wealth of experience and expertise enables us to match clients with highly effective coaches, and then to help clients to focus on the results of coaching, rather than the sourcing and administration of coaching programmes.

Working with business and HR stakeholders in an organisation, we can rapidly deploy and operate an outcome-driven coaching programme.

Business Consulting


Strategic planning

Coachfluence offers strategic planning and implementation services. We take you from vision to mission to implementation, or in other words, from one end of the planning and implementation spectrum to the other. Our methodology begins by reflecting on an organisation’s purpose and how to achieve it, using deep impact techniques, and then moves on to sketching out and planning the journey ahead.


We offer services to entire organisations and to company departments alike, using best-in-class strategy development and facilitation techniques. Our interactive and participative approaches ensure broad stakeholder inclusion in the development of the strategic plan. With our ready access to strategic planning experts and industry experts, we can deliver a game-winning change strategy and plan for your organisation.

Business transformation 

With over 20 years’ experience in business transformation and growth, Coachfluence can help your business advance from planning to implementation. We take into account all aspects of your business and operating model, digital transformation, and those parts of your strategy that must be embedded and delivered.

We have the skills and tools needed to plan and implement the change needed in your organisation –  to bring about the transitions that will achieve the desired end state, whilst keeping in mind all the current operational delivery difficulties.

Employee development programmes

Typical employee development programs, while having structure, often neglect to incorporate the sustainability of the business. Coachfluence has a developed blueprint, using design thinking approaches, which we use to build and implement employee development programmes (such as graduate development or leadership development). 

Our expertise in sharing the stories and building shared experiences for attendees creates a high-impact learning environment. By doing this, we encourage motivation of the corporate mentors and lecturers, energise programme attendees, and build a stronger connection with the employee value proposition.

We bring together insightful techniques of value to employees and employer alike.
We combine this with our business coach services that deliver highly productive programmes to our clients.

Our Insights

Coach Gravity Report - framework for coach selection

In discussions within the market, we at Coachfluence identified that many of our potential clients in South Africa (recently-graduated employees, experienced employees, managers, and executives) either did not recognise key points at which to engage a coach, or had no clear process to identify or select a coach.

It often came down to word-of-mouth recommendations.

We concluded that some guidelines on the subject of selecting and engaging a coach would be helpful to potential clients. The following report was written for anyone who wishes to improve their performance and to grow, using coaching as a basis. It is also intended to aid HR executives and practitioners, and coaches too.

It addresses the following key questions.

  • Why do I need a business coach?

  • What is a typical process to select a business coach?

  • How do I select a coach for business improvement?

  • What criteria should I consider when selecting a business coach?


Click here to read the report

Difference between business coach, mentor and consultant

The professional world today offers various methods of meeting the demands of an increasingly challenging business landscape. Each offering has its place, but what are the differences, and when do you use each service? Do you need a business coach, a career coach, a mentor, or a consultant?


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Covid continuum, business coach

Are you stuck in the COVID continuum? Do hours flow into days, and days into working weeks that swallow up the weekends as well? Has this gone on for seemingly interminable, indiscernible months?

This has become the way of life for many during this pandemic. Home life and work have slowly melded into each other, and there you are – suspended in the COVID continuum. Sound familiar?

In the course of our coaching work, clients have described a lack of enthusiasm for the things they used to enjoy, such as exercising, engaging in their hobbies, and so on. They tell us how ‘easy’ it is to allow work and home life to just flow into each other. 

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Business coaching constructive conservations

The seemingly elementary matter of how to have a constructive conversation is coming up more frequently during our coaching sessions. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to work from home. As a consequence, what used to be mild domestic irritations have become conflicts. 

On top of that, working remotely and the inherent absence of tone in e-mails and texts have led to misinterpretations and tensions between colleagues. And, as we all know, pent-up irritation and frustration often leads to stress, angry outbursts, and regret. 

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