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Coachfluence offers tailored programmes, delivered by a professional business coach to individuals seeking growth and next-level performance in their work. 


People and Performance

We believe that people who perform at their peak can create and innovate, and it is our belief in the power of the human mind and spirit that fuels our passion for coaching. 

Our mission as Coachfluence is to enable individuals to realise their potential and in doing so make a positive impact on society and the world. We recognise that the uniqueness of each human being is a complex combination of DNA, mind, heart, and spirit.  That uniqueness, used to its potential is a powerful and invaluable asset for individuals themselves, the organisations they serve and for the society and world they impact. 

We exist to create a mindful space that allows for that individual uniqueness, creativity, and resourcefulness to emerge. We partner with our coachees with unconditional positive regard to enable them to gain clarity and to create their own solutions to overcoming personal barriers in order to reach their objectives. 

“The Coachfluence Way” integrates a data driven approach with technology to deliver a consistent way of working with the coachees, in terms of approach and experience.

Our services and capabilities


Individual coaching

Tailored to individual or corporate requirements


Team coaching

We focus on working with the team as a system,  creating a shared understanding and forming synergy by focusing on the team strengths and capabilities


Group coaching

Working with a collection of people with common characteristics or purpose. This offering can be used in conjunction with Individual coaching and has the benefit of creating a support network for coachees and allows for deep networking and solution creation. 

People and Performance
Talent Development Program


Talent development program design and implementation

Talent development remains high on the agenda for organisations as they diversify their skills mix and acquire new DNA. The Talent Development agenda is central to the transformation of any organisation.

Coachfluence approaches Talent development program design from a humanistic perspective, and we use Design Thinking methodologies to inform the design of development programs.  We partner with organisations to create programs that align their business strategy with the talent development strategy and execution.

Our services and capabilities

Strategy alignment

Aligning L&D strategy with the business strategy

Talent Program Design

Development program design using Design thinking

Talent Development Program Assessments

For organizations with existing programs. Our assessment considers the strategic, operational and employee impact of the program and makes recommendations to enhance the impact of the program.

Executive Coaching


Our Executive Coaching approach is informed by the data gathered from assessments, performance feedback, job role requirements, the organisations imperatives, and the individual executive’s needs.  We subscribe to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) view that coaching is a partnership between the coach and the coachee, and in this case executive.  It is our purpose to create the ideal environment for executives, to foster self-awareness, enable creativity and provoke introspection that ignites the desire within the executive to initiate change and maximise personal and professional potential. 

Our approach assists the executives in defining their strategy for achieving the desired personal and organizational outcomes.  The Executive Coaching offering integrates development across three domains:

  • Awareness, for deepening presence and self-management,

  • Leadership, for developing key leadership competencies, and

  • Communication, for translating intentions into collaborative action. 

The coaching methodology draws on mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience, and body awareness that enables executives to understand themselves more deeply in terms of their motivations and the barriers to achievement.   In doing so, executive clients are able uncover their deepest sense of purpose, and the courage to be authentic in achieving their personal, professional, and organizational goals.

Executive Coaching

Our services and capabilities

Free coaching chemistry sessions with our ICF Accredited Executives Coaches to determine fit

Customized executive coaching programs tailored to individual and corporate requirements

We are also able to offer job related and emotional intelligence assessments if required

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