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Coach Gravity: A framework for coach selection

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In discussions within the market, we at Coachfluence identified that many of our potential clients in South Africa (recently-graduated employees, experienced employees, managers, and executives) either did not recognise key points at which to engage a coach, or had no clear process to identify or select a coach.


It often came down to word-of-mouth recommendations.

We concluded that some guidelines on the subject of selecting and engaging a coach would be helpful to potential clients. The following report was written for anyone who wishes to improve their performance and to grow, using coaching as a basis. It is also intended to aid HR executives and practitioners, and coaches too.


It addresses the following key questions.


  • Why do I need a business coach?

  • What is a typical process to select a business coach?

  • How do I select a coach for business improvement?

  • What criteria should I consider when selecting a business coach?


We have also developed a Coachee Toolkit to help you, and offer it freely as a part of this report.  Launching 3 December 2020.


What is the difference between consulting, mentoring, and coaching?

The professional world today offers various methods of meeting the demands of an increasingly challenging business landscape. Each offering has its place, but what are the differences, and when do you use each service? Do you need a business coach, a career coach, a mentor, or a consultant?

Covid-19 Continuum

Ejecting yourself from the COVID continuum

Are you stuck in the COVID continuum? Do hours flow into days, and days into working weeks that swallow up the weekends as well? Has this gone on for seemingly interminable, indiscernible months?

This has become the way of life for many during this pandemic. Home life and work have slowly melded into each other, and there you are – suspended in the COVID continuum. Sound familiar?

In the course of our coaching work, clients have described a lack of enthusiasm for the things they used to enjoy, such as exercising, engaging in their hobbies, and so on. They tell us how ‘easy’ it is to allow work and home life to just flow into each other.

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Constructive conservations

Constructive conversations – connect better

The seemingly elementary matter of how to have a constructive conversation is coming up more frequently during our coaching sessions. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to work from home. As a consequence, what used to be mild domestic irritations have become conflicts.

On top of that, working remotely and the inherent absence of tone in e-mails and texts have led to misinterpretations and tensions between colleagues. And, as we all know, pent-up irritation and frustration often leads to stress, angry outbursts, and regret.

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