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Excitation Africa
Excitation Africa

The modern Energy Executive needs to deal with an overload of issues from operational crises, to a just energy transition to regulatory challenges. There are so many things going on in this industry that it's tough for anyone especially those at the top level or middle management levels not only handle their jobs well but also keep up-to date on what is happening within these ever changing fields!


Our Excitation offering has created services tailored specifically towards helping executives overcome some common challenges they might face while leading. Excitation is a competitive edge that can be the difference between success and failure . A strategic, targeted approach for the modern energy executive in both their teams as well as organizations has been developed by our team here at Coachfluence.


We recognize how crucial it is not only about performance but also impacting positively on all levels of society through an impactful innovation paradigm shift within businesses today; therefore we've launched "Excitation" which will help raise those who need more motivation or drive like you do!

Our services include

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning, for the executive, their team and organisation - to help the energy executive with their planning to create focus and impact. This is then cascaded into their teams and organizations. .

Organisation Performance Enhancement

Creating executive awareness and self improvement in terms of performance, using objectives and key results (OKRs) to align, focus and deliver results. 


We help energy companies deliver improved results so that they can become more agile and course correct in terms of delivery. 


We help energy companies think through their business models and how they transition into modern energy companies in the context of a just energy transition

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