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Revenue enhancement


Revenue enhancement

Some of the toughest problems organisations are trying to solve is to maximise the revenue
opportunity in the market.


They ask themselves:

  • How do we achieve our sales targets?

  • How can we motivating and energizing the sales force?

  • How can we change the sales force behaviour?

  • How can we accelerate new customer acquisition?

  • How to drive sales process compliance?

  • How do we differentiate on customer experience?


The modern sales organization brings together the right blend of strategy, sales excellence, technology and sales force motivation.

Our services and capabilities

Sales strategy

We help organizations define their sales strategies, selling approaches, market value propositions and deal strategies.

AI Sales Coach

We bring together a combination of coaching, consulting and technology to enhance sales productivity. Your sales and customer teams and managers will have a customised AI coach.

Sales process excellence

Review and re-engineering of sales processes and tools.

Sales immersion experiences & training

Motivating and re-energizing sales teams, Driving sales team cohesion, Getting results.

Cost reduction


Cost reduction & RPA services

Organizations are seeking higher levels of productivity and performance by optimization of their resources. Reducing processing costs and time are central to this.

Automation is emerging as the digital transformation solution to drive business transformation, and cost reduction.

Companies pursuing cost reduction savings are implementing robotic process automation for back-office processes (Finance, HR, IT, Procurement, Real Estate, etc) achieving significant productivity improvements and shifting focus from transaction processing to quality of decision taking.

Our services and capabilities

Back office function reviews

We conduct assessments of organisations in terms of costs and productivity, of their back-office functions (Finance, HR, IT, Procurement etc)

Strategic cost reduction programmes

We lead the design and implementation of strategic cost reduction programmes and the accompanying change management for organisations.

Business creation & implementation

We design and build the investment case for cost reduction through RPA, and design their implementation.

RPA Use case development

We explore how RPA can be used as a mechanism to improve productivity across the organisation to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Implementation services for RPA

We implement cost reduction programmes using RPA and oversee and programme manage the deployment of the solutions.

Services tansformation


Services transformation

Post pandemic pressures on organizations with services organizations (field services, project services, customer services) are seeking better shareholder returns as the markets return to normality. Finding differentiated service advantages in a market that is highly competitive is a strategic advantage.

This involves improving resource utilization, embracing a digital future with smart infrastructure, and connecting employees and customers.

Optimization of resources, mobility solutions to realize faster outcomes, best practices in management of resources, significant productivity improvement and bottom-line impact are outcomes we pursue for our clients.

Our services and capabilities

Business reviews

We assist services organizations review their efficiency and effectiveness

Business case development

We develop the investment case for service organization transformation, linking growth, productivity to the investment needed to improve the quality of services.

Implementation & change management

We assist organizations design and implement field work force management solutions, and change management with these solutions.

Business transformation


Business Transformation and Operating model optimization

Keeping up with market changes demands that organizations are agile and evolving to remain efficient and productive. Evolving operating models in sync with strategic requirements and new business models needs organisations to redefine themselves quickly.

We bring together business models and operating models to transition organisations for agile delivery and enhancing their abilities to deliver on their strategies.

Our services and capabilities

Operating model review

We conduct strategic assessments for organisations seeking to enhance their delivery abilities across the organization; break down silos and redefine the customer experience. This includes a review across people, processes and systems amongst the key elements.

Organisation structure

We are experienced at redesigning operating models and transitioning in alignment with the strategy of an organization. From design to structure to profiles, we bring together the restructure process in a dynamic manner, taking the organization along and addressing the change management along the way.


We implement organization structure changes, understanding the transition governance and change management needed to go along with this.

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